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ENT & Head & Neck Surgeon, Consultant Rhinoplasty Surgeon


We Unlock Your Beauty with the Artistry of Rhinoplasty

As an expert Rhinoplasty Surgeon and Consultant ENT and Head and Neck Surgeon for the past 22 years, I have dedicated my career to mastering the art and science of this complicated Nasal Surgery. I am deeply passionate about helping individuals achieve their desired aesthetic and functional goals.
My Education journey began with MBBS and DLO from AFPGMI, followed by MCPS & FCPS from the College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan and CHPE from NUST. I am proud to be a Board Certified Quality Healthcare Professional and a Master Trainer for Rhinoplasty in Pakistan.
Throughout my extensive career, I have performed thousands of nasal surgeries and successful Rhinoplasty procedures producing remarkable functional and aesthetic outcomes. Being an experienced ENT Head and Neck Surgeon with a specialized interest in Cosmetic Rhinoplasty allows me to produce harmonious and aesthetically pleasing results that not only enhance the beauty of  face in a natural way but also produce excellent functional relief for my patients.
I strongly believe in the importance of personalized care, and I take time to understand each patient’s unique goals, concerns and expectations. With a patient centric approach. I provide comprehensive consultations, educate my patients about their options and guide them through every stop of this very important surgical journey. My ultimate aim is to deliver exceptional outcomes that not only enhance facial harmony but also restore self confidence and improve overall physical and mental well being.

Our Aim

My Aim is to transform lives through exceptional Rhinoplasty surgery.

  • Personalized Care and Patient Satisfaction.
  • Exceptional Surgical Outcomes.
  • Restoring Self-Confidence and Well-being.

Our Sevices

We Provide Following Services

Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)

Crafting Beauty, Ensuring Function. I am specialized in both cosmetic and functional Rhinoplasty procedures.


Septoplasty to straighten up the nasal septum, improving nasal function and relieving symptoms such as nasal obstruction / blocked nose.

Nasal Reconstruction

Performed to restore the shape, function and symmetry of a damaged or de shaped nose, helping patients look beautiful & regain self confidence.

Revision Rhinoplasty

I have performed Hundreds of revision rhinoplasties for patients whose previous unsuccessful surgeries with other novice surgeons had left them with botched noses. I specialize in restoring a surgically damaged nose to a more acceptable and better shape.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who can undergo rhinoplasty surgery?

A good candidate for rhinoplasty is someone who is in good health, has realistic expectations, and is unhappy with the size, shape, or function of their nose.

What are the types of rhinoplasty?

There are two types of rhinoplasty surgery: open and closed. Open rhinoplasty involves making an incision along the bottom of the nose, while closed rhinoplasty involves making incisions inside the nose.

How is rhinoplasty performed?

Rhinoplasty is performed under general or local anesthesia, depending on the preference of the patient and the surgeon. The surgeon makes the necessary incisions and reshapes the bone, cartilage, and skin of the nose to make it look beautiful and proportionate to the rest of the face.

What are the risks and complications of rhinoplasty?

Apart from usual complications of any elective surgery, Rhinoplasty per se, in a safe setting, with an experiences surgeon, is a very safe surgery. Usually the surgery is not associated with much pain and only mild pain killers may be required for just one or two days. There may be some swelling and bruising which goes away in a few days leaving no marks, scars or evidence of a cosmetic surgery. If done by an experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon the chances of revisions and touch-ups are minimal.

How long does it take to recover after rhinoplasty?

The recovery time after rhinoplasty varies from person to person, depending on the type and extent of the surgery, the healing process, and the individual factors. In general, most patients can resume normal activities within a week, but should avoid strenuous exercise, sun exposure, and contact sports for at least six weeks.